Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A New Stitch-Along

Just giving a shout-out & blatant promo for wonderful Helen & the ladies!

They have decided to start a stitch-along for a very pretty quilt design from Leanne Beasley, called
Ruth's Quilt.
This quilt features in the book 'Living The Dream' & is shown on the book cover.
 The SAL even has its own blog called "No Fuss Stitch Along", & the SAL guidelines can be found on this post.
'Living The Dream' was published in 2005, but I'm sure quite a few ladies have it on their shelf, just waiting to be opened up & used! (yes i have it too)

If you wish to join the ladies but don't have the book, it will be impossible to find retail here in Oz.
However, you might find it via patchwork-related groups on facebook, maybe a request through the 'aussie destash' hashtag on instagram, or even someone in your patchwork club might have it.

Why not pop over & take a look at the blog? You might be tempted, I know I am!
Well done Helen & ladies, I can't wait to see your progress.

'Piece Yourself Together' Tuesday

The progress made on my Scrappy Hexy Quilt during July has come to a massive slow-down.
This fortnight, I've basted a little pile of white hexy's, having run myself out of them a while back.
The fingernail injury a week ago made the task difficult & slow, but I just plodded along. It's healing nicely now & the pain is completely gone, yay!

I look forward to seeing what EPP is happening at your place... who's going to join me?!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

'Christmas Through The Year' for August

Welcome to the delayed linky for Christmas Through The Year, for August!

I'd love you to link up your items & show us what you've made... if you're making Christmas gifts, any gift at all, they're welcome here.

As I alluded to in my previous post, yes I have yet another item made from fabric I thought was finished... it's a dangerous business, searching in tubs for something, & finding a UFO!
I think I've sewn the base too wide, but still it will be a useful item I hope.
Small, simple but handy.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

August FNSI Report

It's been a while since I linked up with FNSI... it's not that I don't stitch on a Friday, I just don't get around to actually linking up & doing a blog post!

Anyway, my small achievement yesterday was to start stitching down the binding of a second Block Folder. I'm a slow bind stitcher with a non-traditional technique, but I really don't care.
 Just check out my neat corner here!

Having woken to the news yesterday of yet another attack on innocent people (Barcelona), it really was the perfect day to turn off all the sensationalist & saturation coverage of it in the media, & spend the day with my patchwork friends.

Thank you Wendy for hosting us!

I've only just realised that I should've posted the CTTY linky yesterday... oops!
(The time thief strikes again)
It will be up Sunday, I promise!
I do have something to share for CTTY... another item using some fabric I thought I'd used the last of... I swear it's the fabric that never runs out😊

Let's spread our own brand of sparkly stuff everywhere we go... there's just too much shit going on in the world right now.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Oh Not Good

Sunday morning sewing.
Momentary distraction on the tv in my sewing room.
Pfaff vs fingernail.
Nail sustains substantial damage.
Needle breaks into 3 pieces.
Owner of nail nearly faints.
mr17 promptly renders aid.
Yes there was some blood & a few blue words.
Pfaff in the naughty corner for now.
Of course it wasn't operator error😜

Thursday, 10 August 2017

I Have a Small Finish

Hold on to your hats people, I actually have a fully finished project to show you!

I feel it's not often I do feature a fully finished item on my blog... I seem to have so many projects that take an age to complete, & while it's lovely to share progress, it's also fun to make something that only takes a few sessions to finish.

Humble as it is... I give you... my new quilt block folder!
 I have no idea what I originally intended with these fabrics, but they're perfectly suitable for this purpose.
 The cover is kept stiff with the insertion of some corflute... light but strong... & FREE; got it as scrap from a local signwriter.
 The folder is sized for up to 12½" blocks, & has a couple of pieces of quilt wadding as 'pages'.
I based this folder on one I was gifted a couple of years ago by the very clever Barb of Barb's Creations... I use hers all the time, but wanted another one or two as well, to separate a few projects.
Great for keeping blocks clean, flat & organised.
And, oh-so pretty, methinks♥
One of my little birdies is continuing to spread her wings... on Saturday, my DD-Y is off to the Pilbara region of Western Australia, for a 6-week school psychology placement. We'll miss her being around, but it's all part of her studies & professional development.
With both my girls nearing the end of their uni studies, & mr17 finishing school in a couple of months (plus getting his drivers license soon too), this is a phase of us transitioning into a fully adult family! It's a strange but exciting prospect.

~Thanks For Dropping By~
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