Wednesday, 6 December 2017

I'm Off To Retreat!

I'm off to Retreat on Thursday... & woo-hoo I'm excited!

The car is packed... the projects are planned... the booze food is ready.
I wonder if wily old Aunt Violet (pictured below) will try her stowaway tactics again?

This is part of the beautiful view from the deck... can't wait to sit there again...
with or without Violet🙂

As much as it seems odd to be going on Retreat so close to Christmas, it's good timing for me to be going now... my family can manage without me for a few days & I really need the re-charge that comes from a 'change of scenery'. I'll be back home on Tuesday.

For anyone planning to join in with 'Piece Yourself Together' next week, the linky will be open from the Wednesday (13th), NOT Tuesday... I hope you'll pop back then, to show off your latest EPP-ing!

Here is today's result from my salon visit... I rarely take photos of my hands, but I thought the Festive nails were worth showing off♥

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Side-Tracked In The Sewing Room!

Thursday morning was a very early one for me... just happened to wake at 5am.
I didn't mind... I had planned to play in my sewing room & cut the outer border fabric for my Friendship Quilt, so an early start was fine with me.
BUT when I got in there, I somehow started poking around with an entirely different project for a little while... then a bit longer... then intermittently all day😀😀
What was so engrossing? Little squares... many little squares.
For a few months now, I've been spending time occasionally, cutting my bits & bobs of fabrics down into 2½"squares... there's 3 tubs stuffed full of these oddments... a quilt will eventually be made with them... but first, the cutting... lots of cutting!
It was just so satisfying... press, cut, stack, repeat... adding a few more piles of squares to what I already had... & then I just couldn't resist doing this to what I've cut since I started in June:
 More stuff has been pulled from the tubs, & set aside for when I feel another attack of Scrap Cutting Fever.
 As for those poor neglected quilt borders, they need not fear; they'll get done on the weekend.
I Promise!

Santa dropped by the other day & collected my Secret Santa Christmas Swap parcel; it's off to somewhere very far away... Gotta love this time of year♥
 Thanks for dropping by

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Long Time, No Post...

 Story of my life these days... many days between posts... so much going on at home... & in my head!

Thank you again to everyone who was so kind in sending good wishes to my daughter in regards to her job... naturally there's a lot of preparation to do, but it's going well.

 Despite all that distraction, I have been managing some stitching & sewing.
Of course the stitching is my Scrappy Hexy Quilt blocks... some evenings I stitch for a couple of hours, other evenings I don't have the energy to even thread the needle!
But progress is progress, I'll take it😉

Don't forget, you're welcome to link up your EPP work of any type, any size, any project.
The linky is in my right-hand sidebar & open until midnight Thursday, W-Aust time.

Some of you may recall a few months ago, my post about the Mystery Friendship Quilt that I was part of with my patchwork group friends. It's HERE if you'd like a read.

The blocks are certainly an eclectic collection (rather like all the ladies who did this project!), & I confess it's been a real mental battle for me to figure out how to put them together in a pleasing way. I'm an expert overthinker, & this trait has certainly made it hard for me to see my way along with this project.

I eventually took all the blocks to my local shop, and got some great advice & suggestions.
(it was certainly an experience which I plan to write about soon!)
Having received 17 blocks from the ladies of the group, I have now made the other 3 needed to make up to the number I needed for my plan... & finally some piecing together is happening... I feel so much better about the project now & I'm confident I'm making the best of what was sewn for me.

Here's where I'm at with it at the moment... & really hoping for a finished top by the end of the week.
Now that I've gotten past Overthinkers Paralysis with this, I really just want to get it finished!

Thank you for popping by & have a terrific Tuesday!

Saturday, 18 November 2017

'Christmas Through The Year' for November

We are almost at the end of CTTY for this year!
Thing is, even though I host this linky, I have nothing to share, this month!

I've been doing CTTY both as a participant & host for a few years now... I've plain run out of ideas for things to make. I love sewing for my family, but as much as they love what I do, they've had enough of my handmade items😉 

Please, don't let this be a deterrent to those of you who have been making gifts during this month... I hope you will choose to link up here anyway, despite the failures of your host!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

EPP Tuesday & Some BIG Family News

 Finally back on track with this linky after a few hiccups the last two times!

Nothing particularly exciting from me... just continuing to tonk along with my Scrappy Quilt blocks...
I'll be adding two more blocks after these ones, then putting it away for a break.

Linky in the sidebar as usual... I hope you'll join in & share your EPP work!

Now to the BIG news in our family... Our Nest is officially beginning to empty... my DDY has finished her school psychology studies & has secured a one-year contract position in the Pilbara region of Western Australia... a town called Tom Price... about 1,525 kilometres from here!
Of course I am thrilled for her achievements, & this is a great result from all her hard work... BUT oh my heart😢 I know it's all part of life, but seriously wasn't she 4years old only a week ago?!
Good thing is, we'll see her every school holidays... she'll be coming back for seminars & workshops relating to her work.

I've been a busy little Elf in recent weeks... secret business... got all my sewing & stitching done for Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap... it's completely finished; ready to wrap & post off to a far away land!

Thanks for popping by & have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

My Sewing Has 'Gone To the Dogs' !

My sewing has gone to the dogs! But not in the way you'd think.

I recently unearthed this fun cotton drill... it was one of those "I'm looking for something else" finds... the fabric was perfect for making a new plastic bag keeper for my pantry.

Some measurements were taken, based on the old one... some sewing & pressing & elastic happened... & whoo-hoo I love the new one!

 Just look at the oh-so tragic state of the old one... it was given to me in 1993!
Yes, I see y'all gasping at how disgusting it looks😉

Three keepers were made... I had cut across the width of the fabric to accommodate the directional print... the decision was easy, just use it all up, instead of having an odd-shaped fabric piece left over.
The remaining two will be gifted or sold.

Something so simple & useful, but a little fun for the pantry!
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