Tuesday, 13 March 2018

It's The 2nd Tuesday of the Month... EPP Sharing Time!

Been a bit quiet here in the EPP department.
I've managed to baste a good pile of greens & oranges... they'll become Brown-Eyed Flowers soon... my hand has definitely welcomed the rest from hexy stitching every night, that's for sure!
I guess because the posture & technique is different for thread-basting hexy's, in comparison to stitching them together, that helps too.

Who else has EPP to share? Be sure to link it up here, so we can see your lovely work!
It's always great to see a few names😉

Monday, 12 March 2018

I Have Been Totally Spoilt!

For 2018, I decided to join in again with the Fat Quarter Birthday Club, which is a little group co-ordinated for many years by swap Mumma extraordinaire, Cheryll.
Our task for each member of the group is to send a fat quarter of fabric in the persons chosen colour/style... & this year we are also sending a little something extra, that begins with the 1st initial of their name. So Fun!

Little parcels of goodness had been arriving during last week, in readiness for me to open on Saturday... yes it was MY birthday!
And holy smokes, I've received wonderful fabrics & extras... lucky-duck me!

 from Asta (L) and from Simone (R)

 from Illene (L) and from Sue (R)

from Jeanette (L) and from Cheryll (R)

The person to send me the Special Gift, was Julie... wow she really blew my socks off!
How pretty is the wrapping paper?!
 Julie has sent me not one but two fun & oh-so handy table toppers

 Julie also sent a fab scarf... how clever is it?!... and the Angels are just beautiful. I love wearing scarves (even wear cotton ones for sun protection in the summer) & this colour is going to fit right in with my favoured winter colours!
Just love these words with the Angels... my life would be so different without my human Angels!

 Don't all my fabrics look great together?! Thank you again ladies for these beautifully chosen pieces.
 Cheryll does a great job co-ordinating us each year, so thanks again for all your hard work!

My beautiful bloggy friend Sunny is my 'birthday twin'... be sure to pop over to her blog HERE & send her your good wishes.
And my annual birthday giveaway is very soon, so stay tuned!

Many of you will be familiar with the beautiful embroidery & blog of Renee, who blogs at
Last month, Renee joined in with an international movement called International Correspondence Writing Month, in which participants are to write a letter each day during the month of February.
You can read more about it HERE.
Renee asked if she could mail to me, which I was very pleased to say "yes of course!" & as a happy co-incidence her very pretty mail arrived last last week.
A postcard (I adore postcards!) featuring one of her stunning embroideries... I tell you, it is art... beautiful... & it's very easy to see the detail & dimension in Renee's work.
Thank you again Renee for asking me to be a recipient in your month of writing!

This post is well long enough now... if you've read down this far, I thank you😉
Here's a calorie & fat-free cake as a reward... XO

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Still 'Doing'... But Very Little Fabric Play

Following the onset of the hand soreness that started a few weeks back, I've given my hand stitching a good break.
Well, in particular the hexy stitching... I think the hand soreness stems from the fact that I was stitching hexy's 6 nights a week, sometimes 7... & perhaps my hand posture wasn't helping either.
I wasn't getting the soreness with any other handwork, but decided to give it all a rest & do some actual domestic stuff... something useful to more people than just me!

This 10 days or so has seen me going through the filing cabinet & tossing out LOTS of dross (mrHS is a paperwork hoarder)... Also organising my recipes that I tear from magazines or print from online... re-arranging some bookshelves... my Domestic Goddess tiara is just a wee bit more sparkly now, don't you think?!
Happily, my hand feels so much better... so I think a gentle resumption of hexy stitching is in order now... 3 or 4 nights a week instead of 6!

Wednesday, I decided to hit the sewing room for some Pfaff-ing around, lest I completely forget how to use my machine... sewed my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for February... the colours of that month being purples & lavenders.
 I also stitched up a few more blocks for my second RSC project... still in the experimental category, given my struggle with full-scrappy... hopefully I will like it enough to blog it once a I have few more colours made in the coming months.
The RSC colour for March is the lighter greens... including the yellow greens & lime-y greens... darker greens will be used another time. Well I have plenty of those lighter greens so I'll be set for my block sewing for the month!

It was so interesting to read the various Comments on my last blog post, in regards to thimbles.
For anyone who is interested to check out a great thimble, this is the one I featured.
It's a CLOVER brand, style called COIN THIMBLE... product #6014.
And as my luck turned out, I already had a spare in my sewing basket!
 I mentioned in a few of my Comment replies, that I love this style because leather thimbles fit over my acrylic nails more comfortably than metal ones, & the little metal 'coin' on it is perfect for helping to push the needle through the fabric, without wearing a hole in the leather.

My DD-Y was down from her new town over the weekend!
She came for the Ed Sheeran concert on Saturday, but stayed with her friend who lives much closer to the airport & the concert stadium.
She did come 'home' on Sunday to see us for the day & as she needed some shopping, I was more than happy to have her all to myself & take her! Like me, she really doesn't like shopping... so it all got done quickly & without any dithering... it was just good to get those things she really needed to see/try before she bought.
I still miss her every day, however it's heartening to see her (mostly) settling in well to her new life & new town... she's making new friends... continuing with fitness & taking up softball... having some amazing day trips on the weekends to world-renowned national parks less than 90 minutes away... And of course settling into her school psychologist job. So proud of her!

Looking forward to going to my patchwork group on Friday... we're making a Secret Project for one of our members!

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

A Little EPP For The Week...

Or should that title read "Very Little EPP For The Week" ??!

There hasn't been much stitching going on here... I was going well with my work as I do each evening, but a few days ago, it came to a sudden halt... soreness in some joints of my right hand... particularly in the thumb & index finger... think it's a posture/technique thing.

Before that started, I'd made two more hexy flowers for Brown-Eyed collection... and of course progress on the Scrappy Hexy Quilt continues, with another section under construction.
 Interestingly, I can comfortably embroider without a thimble... but EPP is is a no-go without one... this one has served me well... going to put a new one on my shopping list for the craft fair in May.
 Thanks for dropping by... I guess I'll be non-stitching for a few more days!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

'Friday Night Sew-In' for February

Scooting in a little late in posting my efforts for FNSI... I did have a lovely day... stitching more on what is my go-to project for Fridays... the stitcheries for Ruth's Quilt... I just love this project!

The design on the far right has been the fiddliest so far... so many knots & little features to stitch... it took ages! Started it a week ago & took me two evenings. You can also see I finished the dreaded satin stitch on the 4 hearts from last week.
The two designs on the left are my efforts from FNSI... stitched during Friday at patchwork... And I also joined in with my northern hemisphere friends to finish them up on Saturday.
Thanks Wendy for a fun FNSI !

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

'Piece Yourself Together' Tuesday... Re-Visiting An Old Project

I seem to have the luck lately of finding the unexpected, at a time when I'm looking for something in particular. Today's EPP post fits in with that.

Back around the time of the Australia Day weekend, I was looking for something in my tubs... and just take a look at what I clapped my eyes upon...
My brown-eyed hexy flowers!

I was making these before the Scrappy Hexy Quilt really took hold of me... the last time these saw the light of day was August of 2015!

The original plan for these beauties has been changed... there's no way I'm going to make a second handstitched hexy quilt... no way... SO, an alternative plan will be made.
Just to knock off the dust from this project, 4 more flowers have been stitched in the last week & added to the stack...
The existing five basic colours will be continued... oranges, greens, yellows, purples & pinks.

Maybe I need to stop looking for things, so I don't find any more UFOs lovely surprises tucked away in my storage area!

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