Tuesday, 23 January 2018

'Piece Yourself Together'... It's a Whiteout!

With so much sport on telly at the moment, it's quite easy to spend a bit of time each night doing some hexy basting. I'd run myself completely out of white 'sashing' hexy's for my Scrappy Hexy Quilt... so I spent time tracing & cutting out a huge number of pieces... then each evening, just basting... basting... basting.
This heap should keep me happy for a while!

Lovely Karen (Karen's Korner) joins in sometimes for PYT... if you haven't seen her amazing quilt finish, please be sure to pop over to her blog & see her stunning hexy quilt! Like many EPP projects, it took a few years to bring to completion... but Karen has persisted & now has a truly beautiful finish to be proud of... It's featured HERE in this post. Do pop over!

Friday, 12 January 2018

I'm Joining In With 'Rainbow Scrap Challenge'

After a couple of years of seeing 'Rainbow Scrap Challenge' sewing cleverness popping up on blogs, Instagram & on Pinterest too, I've decided that this is the year to join in the fun!
 The idea with this Challenge is to sew with the nominated colour each month, thus giving each participant a chance to sew with a small portion of their scraps on an ongoing basis... hopefully slowly reducing the scraps piles!
Some people make a few blocks each month that will eventually become a quilt... some people maybe don't have much of the nominated colour of that month & choose to make a few small items... the main thing is, you don't buy fabric for this Challenge, you use what you already have.

HERE is the host blog, where you can find all the details... And HERE is the introductory post for 2018.

You may recall my many piles of neatly cut & stacked 2½"squares... these were cut before I decided to be part of RSC, so it's a fun bonus that I already have so much stuff cut & ready.
 The 2nd cull of fabrics has been cut too... my tub of little squares is looking nice & full. I tell you what, there's something very satisfying about scraping through those tubs & doing a big cutting frenzy!
Yes, I have quite the array of fabrics & therefore now zillions of squares ready to sew with... which will do me very nicely for RSC, plus some other ideas too.

I'm not going to over-commit with this Challenge... ONE project is a good start... and maybe a second one in a few months when I get the feel for my ability to keep up.
A test block or two are needed on that 2nd idea, before I make a decision.
 (unlike Fiona sewing for RSC last year, I won't be making 30 blocks every month😉)

SO... the colour for January is lighter blues... my old mate blue!
I was quite surprised during my cutting fiesta, with how many lighter blue pieces I had tucked away unloved in those tubs.
On Wednesday, white background fabric was cut... sewing happened... & now I have these blocks... happy me.
They are 9"square as they are & I'm aiming for two blocks each month.

If you want to tame your scraps, why not pop over to the host blog & read all about it!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

First 'Piece Yourself Together' for 2018

Progress on the Super Scrappy Hexy Quilt has been really slow in the last 6 weeks or so... I don't think I realised I just became a bit fatigued (bored, perhaps) of working on it as much as I was.

After a total break from it during the Christmas period, I feel somewhat a renewed interest to keep going with it. My fear is that if I stop altogether, this thing will just never get finished. Being that it's a fully hand stitched project, I really don't want that to happen.

I'm now at the stage of sewing these blocks to the main part of the work:
 You can see the block at the top left is partially stitched into place... I'd been keeping an eye on the Test cricket, but when it was finished, the stitching had to stop... sadly the washing doesn't jump into the machine by itself & the floors aren't self-cleaning😉

I hope you'll join in with PYT... share what EPP you've been working on...
The linky is in my right-hand sidebar, & is open until Thursday midnight, West Australia time

Sunday, 7 January 2018

"Friday Night With Friends" for January

Isn't it great to get back into some kind of routine again after the happy distractions of the Christmas & New Year days?! As much as I've loved it all, I've not been doing much stitching... & I've missed it!
Friday it was great to go out & spend the day with my patchwork friends... seemed like an age since we'd seen each other... I'm surprised how much stitching I got done, despite the amount of chatting & 'show & tell' going on... Another stitchery for my Ruth's quilt project has been finished.
 If you're new to blogging, or want to find out more about Friday Night With Friends, Cheryll has all the info you need right HERE on her blog... everyone is welcome to join in!

Friday, 5 January 2018

New Books & Last Chance for 'Australia Day Swap'

In the few weeks before Christmas, I decided it was time to find some fresh inspiration... nothing like a new blog to read, or a new magazine or book to stir up some renewed interest in my beloved hobby.

These have arrived to me in recent days... aahhh, bliss to sit on the sofa with a cuppa & have a leisurely leaf through these pages... definitely so many wonderful projects here!
 'By The Block' is is 2015 book from an Aussie lady & wow this book definitely has my radar buzzing with more ideas of ways to use my still-robust tubs of bits & pieces. How cool even is the cover image?! That quilt is 48" x 56"... the four blocks are 24" x 28" each! Imagine a big bed-sized quilt done like that♥♥♥ This book also has a section devoted to curved piecing; something I've never tried but this could be the book that gets me started.
 The Churn Dash would be a lovely baby quilt too.

Every design in 'Tablerunner Bliss' is gorgeous... it's so well illustrated & worded... some of the designs are quite long though; near to 60" & longer... eek, not sure I'd be making them quite so long!
Unusually for me, there are several designs that I can imagine in different fabric style to what is shown in the book.

'Stitch Kitsch' was picked up at Spotlight... has some fun ideas & shows an applique technique I've not yet tried. The 'Moda Candy' book will be another source of inspiration for the use of my zillions of 2½" squares.
I'd love to have a couple more names on the list for our fun little annual swap... so if you feel so inclined & haven't done so already, pop over to THIS BLOG POST, & leave your name.
I'll be sending out partner details on Monday morning.

I'm ready to go out to patchwork group today... & get some stitching done for FNWF.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A Quilt Top Is Finished!

Oh my, what a start to the sewing year here at Hibiscus HQ.
I have finally finished the quilt top for my Mystery Friendship Quilt!
 17 blocks made for me - mystery style - by members of my patchwork group... featuring my chosen fabric of chocolate brown with pretty spots on it... 3 extra blocks made by me, to result in 20 blocks to play with.
Given the huge variation in what I've been gifted, I didn't want to try doing too much with layout, so a 'traditional' sashing & cornerstone look was decided upon... It's been a long process & I'm just glad to have it done now!
While I don't like to call it scrappy, it certainly is eclectic & loosely co-ordinated... just like the ladies who were part of this project, really😉
Site Manager in deep thought about whether to give the Paw Of Approval.
Next issue is... BACKING.
Hhmmm, go with something similar to the sashing fabric? Thus keeping my own additions to the blocks quite neutral.
Or... a zingy pink tone-on-tone? To pick up on the pinks in a few of the blocks.
The binding will be the chocolate spotty fabric.

When we started this project back in mid-2015, I'd never done block-making like this... actual blocks, following a set of instructions.
The first couple of blocks we made had me in such a spin; they were hard & of course I didn't want to disappoint my recipient. However, as the months rolled on & we made more blocks, I developed some confidence, new skills, slightly better colour choices (I fear I will always have dodgy judgement in this area!), & really enjoyed the process.
I've learned so much & don't fear this type of sewing as I once did.

Now to make the binding while it's away at the quilter!
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